Project Soli which is a radar system project sponsored by  Google has been approved by the federal for its final launch.

The current technology has already transformed from the dial pad phones to the touchscreen phones. The world is now working on touch mobiles, TVs, laptops etc. But, now is the time to control your devices just by hand gestures i.e you will not need to touch the screen very soon.

With this new technology, you can control your smartphone or any smart device by using the hand gestures like rubbing your index finger and thumb. You can even turn on your music speaker by moving your hand closer to it or by a flick of your fingers.

Google has been working on this project since 2015. However, it couldn’t continue working on it after 2016 due to restrictions by the Federal Communication Commission. Also, the project experienced an obstacle on the way because the radar wasn’t able to recognize the gestures and therefore it had trouble responding to them as well. The restrictions announced by the Federal Communication Commission was attributed for the low power levels of the smartwatches.

Initially, Facebook was also against the idea and believed that Google would mess up with the project. Now since the Federal is now convinced that this project is for the public and is going to be beneficial, it has removed all the barriers that came in the way. Now this means that we are going to get really close to the time when you can actually not think of tapping the phone screen and using them just by moving your hands from a distance.

There are absolutely no limits up to which you can expand the use of technology, but it is true that we hadn’t ever thought of such advancement. Life is going to be more chilled and relaxed soon. Thanks to Google for coming up with this thought and fighting against all odds to get it accepted.

It is going to be one of the best inventions of 2019 which will rule the tech industry. We are definitely sure that this will be a hit and absolutely worth every effort and money invested.


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