Google is planning to launch two new Nexus devices this year namely ‘Sailfish’ and ‘Martin’. These two new devices will run on Android 7.0 Nougat Operating system. Google is also working to launch a new home screen exclusively for Nexus devices.

App drawer button is no longer available on the home screen and replaced with a new iPhone-like home screen. It is reported that the users can drag the app anywhere from the app dock to open the drawer and see other apps. With a slight blurring effect similar to iOS, app dock is going to gain a new look which Is recognisably different.

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Google may remove the search box from the top, and a non-removable calendar widget will be replacing it. This might not seem to be a very useful change. Another notable change is the company will introduce a little tab “G” enables users to drag and view what Google’s ‘Now’ pane is offering. A user can also tap on the “G” to open a search box.

This new changes introduced by Google seems to be better but not great. A great useful widget is replaced with a silly reminder of the current day. The company is making a significant push to users to make use of Now on Tap and Google Assistant. It is also reported that the animations and behaviour of the “G” tab could change when paired with a newer search app APK.

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It is also expected to launch on-screen navigation buttons in upcoming Nexus phones. The new combo of “G” button and calendar widget looks really nice and won’t let wallpaper get covered completely. Renewed dock and app drawer combo provide an extra spot in a dock for an app icon.


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