Last week, Google users highlighted an issue that the killing of Wi-Fi networks was due to Google Home Max. Due to this, users had to reset their modems and routers in order to get the best speed, which their routers normally provide.


Previously, every user had a problem with Google products as these Google devices were blocking Wi-Fi connection. But now, the issue is spreading so much that initially it was considered to be a small issue with Wi-Fi networks. Routers from companies like TP-Link, Mesh Router, Linksys, Synology and other traditional routers in the market are reporting the same issue and having the same problem with their Wi-Fi connection and speed.


Not only Google Home Max, but home devices like Chromecast dongles are reporting the same issue with their network connection. Some Android users are also facing the same issue. Even those who are having the new Oreo update are facing the same problem on their phone and people are totally upset with the products by Google. TP-Link has released a new beat firmware for the new Archer C7. They claim that these devices will solve all of your problems, but it seems like this is also not working well for users.

Google vendors have already reported to their head office about the complaints of the customers and they are already working on it. Last year, a communication issue with routers in Google Pixel 2 was also reported, which was confidently eradicated by Google Analysts and Developers.

We are hoping that Google will come up with a solution to fix these Wi-Fi issues soon.


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