Pixel feedback

Last year, Google asked for feedback on the hardware design of Pixel. This time, it seeks feedback about Pixel’s software with respect to device configuration and settings.

Google wanted to collect information about Pixel phone configuration and it has posted the same on subreddit. It wanted to know the customer’s pain point in configuring the phone, toggling, managing or discovering any new settings on the phone.

With the new Android Oreo update, Google Pixel has received a noticeable redesign that has grouped frequently used apps under one roof.

On the other hand, Google has worked with some 3rd party applications like Whatsapp, SnapChat, and others to increase the image processing speed and ensure that there is zero shutter lag. It is updating Pixel Visual core through Google Play Store.

Google has taken off many apps from firmware to Google Play Store. Thanks to this initiative from Google. Now, you don’t require any more over the air update to fix the bugs in your Pixel smartphone.

Right now, Google is focusing on the following points:

  1.    There are few settings, which need to be managed on your own.
  2.    There is a setting, which makes your phone feel smarter than before.
  3.    There are few settings you have changed immediately after you set up your phone.

Overall, Google is taking feedback from its users to make sure that it comes with smarter and bug-free devices in the future.


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