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Search engine giant Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Image Search on Android search app and mobile Web. This Google similar items feature provides users with shopping details for the items which are shown in that particular image. This indirectly implies the Google’s intention for turning into a business entity. The Google similar items help users in purchasing the products after identifying them in the image search.

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Google has made use of machine vision technology to provide this functionality for users. Google claims that the feature identifies the products in lifestyle images and displays matching products to the user. As of now, the current list of supported items includes sunglasses, handbags, and shoes. The company says that few other categories will be added in the coming months.

Google Similar items

“Finding price and availability information was one of the top Image Search feature requests from our users. The Similar Items carousel gets millions of impressions and clicks daily from all over the world,” Google said on its developer’s blog.

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Developers need to add and maintain product metadata on their pages to make the products eligible for this feature. Google says that it will extend the support for similar items feature to more platforms later this year. However, Google similar items feature is not the first of its kind for Google to ease shopping process on mobile. It also launched Earlier ‘Buy’ button in the mobile search advertisements back in 2015.

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