Everybody’s best friend, the tech icon and our savior Google has popped back into news with yet another exciting update. Google is one such search engine and an embodiment of everything that the world searches for, which needs no introduction. The full-fledged search system has a new feature added to it. The brand has a panel, which is specially made for featured snippets. From today, these snippets show their magic and help the users ease their search process. You don’t have to click a lot. The new release would save a couple of clicks for you while you search.

All these years, Google supported these snippets at the top of the search bar. They included information about both text and image. This info would be that which suited your query the most. They indeed helped the users get answers, which they were looking for easily and soon. The snippets with relevant information are now introduced in a panel format with an attractive appearance. Also, the panel presents to you relevant subtopics, which help you learn about what you want directly. This would in turn save more clicks for you and fasten the process as well.

To understand more, let’s learn better with an example. As per the sources, let us also consider the search, “Quartz Vs Granite”. Till yesterday, the search would raise a snippet with relevant information, which mainly had the key differences between both the minerals. But from today, the snippet panel will contain a series of sub topics like its cost, benefits, durability, and many more. With this, you need not have to even look for sites with more information as the panel does not just give you relevant information but cuts short your time too.

Google is constantly working towards bettering the feature. What is rolled out today is certainly not the final one. So, the users have lots to welcome and experience in terms of the functioning angle and appearance of these snippet panels. The features would be rolled out with advancements very soon and the users would get a privilege to access the completed version of it soon.   


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