Google Search Launches Event Finder to Find nearby Local Events

One of the most used search engines, Google launched an excellent feature recently. The feature will enable the user to check out the events that are happening around in that nearby areas.

The user just needs to type concerts around you on Google and which response immediately by displaying all the events like concerts that are happening in nearby locations or the city premises. For example, if we search in Google with the query Jazz concerts in Houston, the application will display all the Jazz concerts that are taking place in the entire city of Houston. If the user needs only the events closer to his area, then he can search for shows near him.

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Not only the application responds by showing the ongoing concerts but also scheduled events which are about to happen today, tomorrow and so on. We can also check for the events occurring in next week too. Till now even to check for the events around them, one must do it in the ticket booking portals but not anymore.

The app will detect the location and show you the concerts near you relying on GPS. However, the availability is only for the users residing in the United States of America and Google haven’t informed when they are going to launch this feature in India yet.

But the US users can easily use this feature in both their mobile apps as well as in web too. This feature is rolling out for Android and iOS. Also, they can book the tickets for the concert directly from it. The user interface is designed to be simple and fast. On the other side, Indians are very much looking forward to the official launch of the feature in the Indian version.


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