Now Stock photo distributors would be in pressure with the new Algorithm created by Google. Search Giant’s researchers founded an algorithm that can automatically remove watermarks easily.

Most of the Photographers will publish their professional photographs with a watermark symbol on them to protect the copyright of the Image. These watermarks do not allow others to use them without their permission.

Google posted in a blog, “As often done with vulnerabilities discovered in operating systems, applications or protocols, we want to disclose this vulnerability and propose solutions to help the photography and stock image communities adapt and better protect its copyrighted content and creations,”

Researchers have created an algorithm to past the protection and remove the watermarks automatically, giving the user a clean image. They also said it takes almost several minutes for a Photoshop expert to remove the watermark even with the state-of-the-art editing tools.

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Usually, watermarks are added in a consistent manner to many images which are found online. Researchers mentioned this consistency could be used to alter the watermarking process. We can just estimate the watermark image and opacity and recover the watermark-free image below.

The researchers also added the algorithm produces very accurate estimations of the watermark components already from hundreds of pictures and can deal with most watermarks used in practice, including ones containing thin structures, shadows or color gradients.

Now you can quickly remove watermark without any user invention or earlier mentioned information about the watermark.” they said. The technique produces a watermarked image that is very similar to the original photo and will leave evident traces if removed.

The Googlers noticed that adding even the slightest modifications to the watermark like changing its position, warping its shape, and toying around with its opacity was already making it increasingly more difficult for the algorithm to hide the signature marks.

Dekel, Rubenstein who are the part of the research said, “While we cannot guarantee that there will not be a way to break such randomized watermarking schemes in the future, we believe (and our experiments show) that randomization will make watermarked collection attacks fundamentally more challenging.

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