Google, one of the largest company in technology front, with many of its in-house developed apps like Google play, Google drive, Gmail and many more to name is again in the news. Google Maps Go, which is one of the most used applications of Google, has always helped the users in navigating towards designated areas easily. Well, the app had some issues related to it, in the past. But was considered and used by users all over. The problem of providing, proper turn-by-turn directions was faced by many of the users. Google has always looked upon, solving the problems faced by its customers and in updating and modifying their apps to improve the customer experience.

The current “Google Maps” helps you find out, where you are going and the best possible way to get there, by entering your location and the destination. Well, the app worked fine, but the only problem was of providing the multiple turn locations. The Maps application is still out of the ability in providing turn-by-turn location. When Google got to know about the technical glitch, it immediately put forward its resources to get it corrected.

The multinational technology company is ready with the fixes with its newly launched and advanced version to “Maps Go“ app. The company has added the functionality into yet another app called the “Navigation for Google Maps Go.”

The app provides you voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, designed for low end android devices, it also allows users to use the app with poor network connectivity. The app was just updated on July 25, 2018 and it has been available for update ever since. The app is very much identical to the Maps app that acts as an added advantage for users to learn about the app instantly.

Ever since the application became available for download, the users have liked navigating to their desired locations with the help of this application. While we heavily depended on internet connectivity to reach a particular location, google maps latest version has solved our problem of navigating even during poor network connectivity.


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