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Google soon stops asking click a checkbox for CAPTCHA service. The search engine giant has unveiled the updated version of the reCAPTCHA service. Google bought the reCAPTCHA service back in 2009 and bought into light with its Google Books. This Google service scans and digitizes all known books and newspapers.

Users have entered two random words which reCAPTCHA challenged. Later, As the Google Books indexing process ended, Google then started annoying users with street names, street numbers, and Google Maps Street View photos.

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Users have solved most of the easiest challenges by 2014, and even everybody was fed up with reCAPTCHA’s insanely complex visual challenges. Google has launched the reCAPTCHA, NoCAPTCHA as a solution which asked users to click a checkbox and showed visual puzzles.

Now, Google has come up with Invisible reCAPTCHA, another move towards fully automated bot detection system. This will work same as the NoCAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA but without displaying the checkbox at all. A beta test version of the service is launched in December. This includes logged in status, previous web history, locally saved cookies, and other details.

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The old visual puzzles will appear If Google thinks the user might be a bot impersonating a real user. This move towards this non-intrusive bot detection system will serve more users using mobile devices. However, it is a bit tough task to show CAPTCHA challenges on mobile and is easy to find real humans from automated bots.


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