As per a media report, Google has pulled out 13 apps from the Android App store. This came to light when a security researcher from ESET tweeted about the same. His tweet highlighted these apps as being listed under the same developer Luiz Pinto and also mentioned that it was downloaded more than 560,000 times.

These malicious apps disguised as games, which included truck stimulators, fire trucks, and luxury cars among others. None of these apps worked as whenever it was launched by a user, it crashed. Despite that, it was reportedly listed under the trending section. The researcher also cited that these apps, once downloaded, would hide themselves and their icons after being launched. Over one million Android users have been affected with the malware download.

This is not the first time that the Android App Store has been affected by malware apps. Earlier this year, people were caught in frenzy over an announcement by experts that 100 apps on Google Android App store were filled with malware. These apps too had a popular 4 star rating and above 1000 installations. Following this, two months later, a nefarious spyware called the triout had spread from the very malicious apps on app store, which recorded calls, messages, and stole personal images or videos of the victim.  

The report briefly mentions about the infamous auto-clicking adware, Judy, which affected 8.5 million and 36.5 million Android devices. But with time, these malware keep getting notorious and it has left a questionable impression on the users. As per, several apps on Google Play Store have malicious apps known as Dresscode, which infiltrate network and steal data. It is also known to connect the host device to a botnet, which carries out attack and sends spam mails. However, with strict security policies, Google has been aggressive and removed over 70,0000 malicious apps from its play store.


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