Podcasts have become one of the best forms of entertainment. Keeping track of all your favorite shows would otherwise be a big headache. To ease our busy life to handle such situations, Play Store provides various podcasting apps. It now introduces Pocket Cast, one of the most used apps by podcast lovers. It has powerful playback and many more features in the list, supported by Google Assistant providing the latest releases every day.

Google has already launched many apps, which are being used and appreciated by users from around the world. The recent Google Podcast launch got 100,000+ installs in just few days. It offers the users with offline downloading feature. Your listening is automatically synced across devices allowing you to listen from the other devices with the help of Google Assistant, letting you to play from where you had paused.

The app is not fully fledged, but now it has got a new feature ‘Trim Silence’ updated for APK version 8.9 beta. The podcast has got quite a good list of feature updates. The trim silence feature helps the users to listen to only shows and not the extra gaps and pauses. Talking about the speed performance, it provides users with the option of adjusting the playback. The podcast library can be easily maintained for your access.

The app is well designed considering the requirements of users and it provides good functionality and interface for the first-time podcast users.

There are lots of podcast apps in the Play Store to look upon, but an app provided by Google is something special. As said earlier, the app is not fully fledged; it may have some pros and cons. According to the reviews being monitored, the best advantage is that Google Podcast doesn’t drain more battery like the other apps. This seems to be a good point for travellers who listen to podcast during their travel.


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