Google inaugurated Play Pass in September 2019 as a subscription aid for apps and games sans the ads or in-app purchases. As the service has gradually increased apps, it’s been limited only to the U.S. this entire time. Now, Google Play Pass is broadening to a lot of countries and also offering an option for yearly subscription.

The newly added regions comprise of Germany, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, the UK and New Zealand. These countries will launch Play Pass within this week. Users have the choice of the recent yearly subscription that will cost $29.99 annually.

Unlike Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass on inauguration offered an assortment of games and premium apps, such as AccuWeather, Facetune, Pic Stitch etc. for example.  However, Facetune and AccuWeather were later removed. It also comprised of an outstanding list of launch titles, such as Titan Quest, Wayward Souls, Stardew Valley, Risk, Star Wars: Knights Terraria, Monument of the Old Republic, Valley, and Reigns: Game of Thrones.

The firm has been steadily stepping up its lineup since its inauguration. Google states that over the last few months, more than 150 titles have been added and even more are in line. A sequence of new titles is also set to debut on Google Play Pass in 2020 at launch, beginning with the newly launched The Almost Gone from Playdigious, in the market now. It will be trailed by The Gardens Between and Kingdom Rush followed by new launches like Bright Paw from Rogue and Line Weight from The Label arriving later in the year.

The firm is also giving a distinct way to pay the fee for subscription. Play Pass in the beginning offered users a $1.99 monthly subscription for promotion for the first year, which increased to $4.99 monthly afterwards. As first adopters are closing up on the price modification, Google is rather giving them an opportunity to curtail expenses by paying a year’s subscription together. The latest annual subscription alternative brings the cost down to $29.99 yearly in the U.S., which calculates to approximately $2.50 per month.


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