Google will soon move its messaging web app from to, according to the new change in Chrome OS.

Android Messages app will help you to manage your SMS and MMS. You can send messages directly from by scanning the QR code on your PC. Stephen Hall has noted that Google has been avoiding the word android lately. Also, Google has taken this step to minimize the usage of the word “android” in its operations.

With the new change in Chrome OS, Google is planning to move the messaging from to anytime soon. The code change in the Chrome OS helps Google to inform Chromebooks everywhere to stop using the when using the feature “Better Together” and instead switch to
Though there is no existence of after these scenarios of changes in the Chrome OS, Google plans to launch it soon. The change of URL is not going to happen anytime soon since the latest changes in the Chrome OS will not be implemented in Chromebook until version 73.

According to the sources, even after the launch of, Google might keep both URLs ( and live to prevent unexpected behavior and also till the users get flexible with the usage.
An interesting fact is that Google has launched a web client for Android messages in June this year. All functionalities like text, stickers, and images are supported by this web client. This rollout was considered to be one of the first steps taken by Google to compete with the iMessage platform.

One has to wait and see what Google has in store for its Android message web client after the launch of


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