With a new move, Google is looking to empower local restaurants and delivery services while they plan to restart their operations after the lockdown is lifted. This would reduce the dependency of businesses on services like Uber Eats and Grub Hub.

On Wednesday, Google announced that restaurants can now enlist their preferred delivery partners, and this will also increase the number of people ordering from the restaurant directly, minimizing the dependency on third-party applications.

This announcement was made in the wake of recent events, where restaurants complained against the delivery services as they charged a substantial commission fee, which ate a chunk out of their profits. There have been instances where restaurants have included notes in their orders to urge the customers to order from their website instead of using third-party apps.

Grub Hub was also a center of controversy when its “Support for Support” came under fire. It offered discounts to promote the ordering from restaurants, but the catch was that the restaurants would have to pay the difference. However, later Grub Hub clarified that this was a case of miscommunication and pledged $30 million towards the same campaign.

According to experts, the processing charges levied by the delivery services are astronomical, and the restaurants are currently not generating operating enough profits; hence the value for money of the delivery services has reduced.

 Google has also added verifications for virtual kitchens. Now businesses can add links on their profiles, which enable them to accept donations and even sell gift cards as most of the smaller companies are currently suffering a crisis.

This is yet another addition to how Google, with its enormous influence, can change the way how businesses operate. Google Maps, which earlier was just navigation, has now become so much more. You can view the nearby exciting places, book a table or even movie tickets. The app has been redesigned from time to time, according to its increased capabilities. 

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