Google selfie-style answers

Many of us are very much eager and excited to know some unknown information about our favorite celebrities. We would never miss a chance to shoot some questions via social handles like Twitter & Facebook. Although everyone wont receive replies for their queries, still we can’t resist our excitement.

To help such crazy fans to get their favorite celeb info right from the source search engine giant Google is working on a new feature. This new self-recorded videos answering feature would let you know information about famous people straight from them in the form of selfie-style videos.

Google selfie-style answers

Google is piloting this exciting feature on mobile in the US. Popular personalities like Priyanka Chopra, Will Ferrell, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodriguez, Kenan Thompson, Allison Williams, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Jonathan Yeo and Dominique Ansel are in with the Google to answer in selfie-style videos

So you can search any question related to the celebs mentioned above and might find a surprise video answer waiting for you.

Tech Giant Google in a blog post stated that

The feature is intended to offer a “surprise” to searchers. At the same time, it’s also a slight competitive edge for Google. If you’re a Nick Jonas devotee, wouldn’t you rather hear answers from him on Google instead of reading text on Bing? So long as you like the videos in the first place, this could keep you coming back just in case your favorite star has a custom Google answer.

Today’s announcement gives you a snapshot (or should we say selfie-shot) of what’s to come, but in the next few months, you may see more videos as you search for your favorite personalities. For now, pick up your phone to search for one of the people mentioned above—you just might find a surprise video answer waiting for you.

Currently, this new feature of Celebrities answering questions via videos is confined to the US and no mention about the global launch. Recently Google has closed its web application store and move to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

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