Google Assistant Commands

Google is continuing to improve their technologies and products this year from the new updates in Chrome Browser to the first ever Google iMessages App for iOS and now they are changing Google Assistant completely in such a way that it will blow your mind.

Google is now allowing you to use Custom Google Assistant commands in your third-party products, which is ultimately going to make Google Assistant a better tool that will be useful for everyone around the world. So, they are now planning to give companies the right to develop their own products with a built-in Google Assistant that can support custom Google Voice commands according to their requirements and needs. For example, if you want to set your oven to 15-degree temperature, you can just ask Google Assistant to do that for you without even touching the oven. Manufacturers are going crazy after seeing this new Google update and people are now feeling free as Google can solve their half of the problem by providing a Google Assistant Service that can support all the custom voice commands in their products itself.

Apart from all these updates for third-party products, voice-system developers and manufacturers, Google is also updating Google Assistant to improve media playback abilities. Now you can get Google Assistant to control your notification actions. If you are planning to launch voice assistant products or systems, make sure you drop a mail and speak to Google about their new Google Assistant updates for third-party products.


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