chrome music lab

This year, Google is seriously working really harder and more smartly on their browser and their products too. After banning those Chrome extensions, which got noticed in fraud clicking recently and after adding an Ad Blocking update, Chrome is working really fast and smooth and now Google is looking forward to add Music creation tool into their browser, which they are calling as “Song Maker”.

Chrome Music Lab has developed and added this feature in their browser. Now, you can create music on a browser, which can be edited to make some music tracks. In this, you can add loops Tracks from different sources and devices and you can edit it on your Chrome browser. Later, you can even share it with your friends who want to collaborate with you and this feature is just like a perk for those in the DJ industry and love song mixing. Chrome Music Lab is looking forward to building a big music community this year and they are working hard on this.

Song maker feature allows you to create your own music tracks or instrumental music. You will have a user interface on the screen where you can use any instrument and add sounds to the sections by tapping on the cubes and rows and columns. Then you can simply save it and just play it whenever you want. You can even share that clip with anyone through a single click share feature.

Song maker has everything that you need to make a good song, which might be pop, Hip Hop or trap music. We must say Google is working hard on Chrome Music Lab too to make and develop this as soon as possible, which will be stable for all the users as this feature is now already rolling in the market. Check out this Song Maker tool on Chrome and let us know how you like it.


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