User’s privacy has always been a concerned topic for many companies. Though, the companies confirm that they have been protecting user’s data by respecting their privacy. It seems that the news about the user’s privacy protection was all fake. Big companies like Google are breaking rules and regulations by peeping into their privacy. The tech giants are now interested to know what the users are surfing on the net or a track their surfing pattern.

When trusted companies are breaking laws and finding a secondary way to reach users data then it won’t be long before everyone follows the suit to misuse the data. The question that we arrive at is, Why Google even provide the option of privacy settings when they are keeping an eye on all the actions that we perform? It is quite simple in today’s world that the word ‘privacy’ is of no value.

Many of the apps from Google will store information about the user’s location and one such an app is Google maps. The app is used by millions of users and is easy to use by simply providing your location and destination, but have you ever imagined that, when you will allow it to access your location for navigation, then it will show all your recent visited places in the timeline and this is mainly because Google will keep a track of everything you do on net. People are aware of it, but not only this, everything you browse on the web is also stored in the Google’s database.

Not only the maps app, there is a number of other apps that access our data and location without our permission. If this is the case then our privacy is seriously at stake. One of the officials from Google stated, “We provide clear descriptions of these tools, and robust controls so people can turn them on or off, and delete their histories at any time.”

In past, we have experienced the same news on the social media giant Facebook app, which was in news for accessing user’s data without their permission. Keeping track of user’s online behavior is certainly not happening.

To protect yourself from the online web you can actually make use of an incognito tab that helps you stay private while browsing. Hopefully, Google will work on its privacy settings in the future and will respect user’s privacy.



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