Google IT

Google has announced its plan to make a debut into the IT consulting niche in India. This eventually leads to direct competition against established IT biggies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, and others. Reports claim that Google IT consultancy for large businesses will head for a new revenue source in India.

Google IT consultancy service aims to provide expertise and consultancy in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Essentially, this aims to help large companies in making use of these technologies for their own business.

“We have invested significantly into professional services in India. These are consulting services, change management services for the customers where we work with them to solve some of their most complex problems,” says, Mohit Pande, Country Head – India, Google Cloud.

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It seems that Google consultancy will focus on the Cloud platform as the company has already invested over $30 billion on various cloud services globally. Now, Google is planning to generate revenues out of it. In detail, Google is planning to compete with the likes of IBM Softlayer, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

At present, Infosys, TCS, and others deploy Google IT Consultancy services of big clients on the IT platforms. And this helps in generating revenues for themselves. Besides providing high-end consultancy for other technologies, Google will directly work with the clients and deploy their own services.

Pande said, “TCS and Infosys can continue to deliver (Google services), but many customers want to engage with us directly because there are skills that we bring in and areas that we can pool in with our engineers. We work with our partners for scale. But professional services are Google-led where it engages with the customer directly.”

Google IT services can be defined as one of the big diversification in Google’s traditional business model. This hints Google will now deploy G-Suite applications by themselves for large clients. Google is also planning to launch Advanced Solutions Lab in India to continue their diversification drive. Also, Google will start a new data center will in Mumbai to support their Cloud initiatives in India and Asia Pacific.

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