Google is making a series of announcements from the Cloud Next Conference that just started today in San Francisco. All these announcements made by Google are based on its developments in artificial intelligence sector and machine learning tools. An announcement from Google has confirmed its launch of Google AutoML Vision tool. Google has released its beta version after an alpha period of 7 months that started in the month of January. The company had launched a Cloud AutoML initiative in January which is followed by today’s announcement.

Cloud AutoML is a simple interface that will even allow a noob without any coding fluency or machine learning tool knowledge to train themselves with shortcuts. The AutoML vision allows you to create a machine learning model for a picture and object recognition. One can use these tools easily by using a simple Graphical user interface and these tools can be utilized outside the artificial intelligence a software engineering fields too. It offers a simple drag and drop service to simplify the work of the user who are implementing the tool at their workplace.

Irrespective of a number of businesses, companies, researchers, and organization, Google is allowing everybody to use their AutoML Vision tool. Organizations that are in need of artificial intelligence and but are not having requisite knowledge regarding its usage and resources can use this tool to design their personal training models for better work handling on a daily basis. Previously companies could use Artificial intelligence software through an API such as Cloud Vision API that was provided to third parties by Google.
Two domains of Cloud AutoML were announced today. One can be used for natural language and the other is used for translation. “AI is empowerment, and we want to democratize that power for everyone and every business—from retail to agriculture, education to healthcare,” Fei-Fei Li, the chief scientist of Google AI, said in a statement.
Google is also trying to improve its Cloud text-to-speech feature wherein the Cloud speech to text can now identify the language being spoken properly. This app can also recognize different speakers in a single conversation which is a great achievement till date. Google is focusing on making the best use of Artificial Intelligence to simplify things.