Google DayDream and YouTube VR app now available on PlayStore

Now you can download Google Daydream app and YouTube VR app from PlayStore. Now you can have the incredible experience of both the Android apps on your device.

Users can browse and install the apps on the go or in the VR. These apps are compatible with smartphones working on VR. At present pixel and pixel XL are the Smartphone’s which is consistent with the virtual reality.

Google Announces Pre-Orders for Daydream VR Headset at $79

Google Daydream is the Android app which brings high-quality virtual reality to your devices. With this app, you can install your favorite virtual reality experiences. You can explore the new world in your private VR cinema and play an immersive which plays at the center of the action. By this, you can set up a day dream ready headset and controller, browse and install the apps and launch your favorite daydream experiences.

YouTube VR Android App can Download now from PlayStore

YouTube VR is another app which takes you into the world of virtual reality. You can experience YouTube channel, video, and creator in virtual reality. This app turns every video into your virtual reality experience. You can step inside the YouTube and explore the site in the 3D VR setting. The user can experience the full 360-degree videos which put you at the center of the action.

So now users are going to feel this experience at their smartphones. Google has announced the Daydream VR headset in the month at the cost of $ 69.

YouTube VR App Download:

Google Daydream Download:

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