Google Pixel

Google has launched brand-new Clips at an event last year. Google’s Clip will reduce the manual work of carrying cameras all the time to capture important events.

Google Clip is powered by AI, which decides when and where to start and stop recording video or capturing an image. The new device has more demand in the market.

The device has been designed especially for parents who love to capture each and every moment of their kids’ life. The device will be present in the background and take pictures at the right time.

The device will cost around $249 and is available to users in Google stores. According to sources, due to lack of stocks, customers will receive their order in mid-March.

The device uses machine learning technology to determine the right time to capture photos or record videos. It is featured to detect face automatically. It provides encrypted photos and videos by saving it in its own storage before sending it to your phone and ensures privacy.

Google Clip can record the videos up to 7 seconds and store it in its memory. The device features 3 hours of battery life. It is integrated with a camera with 12MP sensors. It provides storage up to 16GB.The device can record or capture images, which are available within 130 degrees.

$249 is a bit more for the services that the device offers. Paying $249 just to take pictures is ridiculous. If you are willing to buy one , then you can order the Clip at the Google store.


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