google clips camera

When Google Clips, a smart camera based on advanced technology, was first launched, it claimed to capture your precious moments with your loved ones while you are busy living in the moment.

It must have happened a lot of times when you could witness your loved ones having fun and you wished to capture them in a frame, but by the time you could open your phone’s camera, either the beautiful moment is lost or your loved ones become camera-conscious and fail to pose naturally. Google Clips was designed to help the users click some candid shots when positioned at a proper distance. The product uses artificial intelligence and face recognition technology to click the best shots of the family in picture.

The user interface of Google Clips is pretty simple and easy to operate. The smart device is about the size of a silver dollar. On the front, it features a large lens, which was designed to help people recognize that it’s a camera and their pictures could be recorded through it. The device has around 16GB storage and captures 12-megapixel images at 15 frames per second. The battery of the camera lasts up to 3 hours. The device doesn’t record sound, so the videos that are captured are without any voice.

It is already launched in the market and costs around $249. While the buyers were excited to get a hold of Google Clips when the news was out at a Pixel event, somehow they didn’t find it much useful. It doesn’t function like a “set it and forget it” device as claimed by the company and needs some human intervention for better functioning.

It can’t compete with the range of action cameras available in the market and lacks the advanced features that make it competent enough to provide such quality clips. But, as per reports, Google is taking user reviews into consideration and improving the device to satiate the needs of users. With time, Clips will definitely be able to capture moments that are extremely special and worth capturing.


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