Browser extensions are a piece of cake for software testers, developers, and internet geeks as extensions can solve all your problems easily. An extension is designed to do a particular task and lets you do your work with more ease in less time. But, browsers extensions are continuing to infect users on the internet with malware and spyware. And it seems to be shocking that the bounce rate is found to be really high i.e. there are more than half a million people and their systems are being infected due to these browser extensions.

Recently, it has been reported that four chrome extensions of Google used by attackers managed to target over half a million users by misusing these extensions, infecting users’ computers and carrying out click fraud techniques.

These extensions were claimed to be used for a Blackhat click fraud technique and search engine optimization manipulation. These attackers can even access user networks and systems to access any information on the user’s machine. But, a US researcher claimed that their main motive was only fraud clicking. Now Google has removed many extensions from the Chrome store after seeing these many attacks on users’ systems.

The list of the malicious Chrome extensions is as below.

  1. Change HTTP Request Header.
  2. Nyoogle – Custom Logo for Google
  3. Lite Bookmarks
  4. Stickies – Chrome’s Post-it Notes.

These are the most used extensions by the attackers, which they used to get access to the user’s computer by sending Javascript code to users who are browsers using the extensions so that they can run a website in the background and make them click forcefully in order to get a high CPC fraud click rate.

Over 500,000 users were attacked using these methods as claimed by US Cyber Crime Security. Security researchers from US Cyber Security firm have told Google to remove these extensions from the store. Later, Google claimed that they had already removed “Change HTTP Request Header” and “Lite Bookmarks” from the store completely.


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