Google AutoDraw

Google now presents you a new Artificial Intelligence bot AutoDraw for its users. Sketching lovers can avail meaningful sketches out of Doodles with this Google AutoDraw feature. This Google’s AI-powered bot can be played on Google Website and is accessible on a Smartphone, tablet, and PC.

This Google’s latest innovation is based on learnings from its earlier Quick, Draw! Mini-Game which used neural networks to recognize doodles. Google AutoDraw analyses your drawing and suggests different sketches and objects based on it from its database and neural networks.

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AutoDraw provides a white canvas to scribble, and a bar just above the canvas shows all possible matches to your drawings. Also, it allows you scribble anything without any Google suggestions along with options like text box, shape, and fill color. These doodles and individual shapes and lines can be resized as well.

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For instance, Google will suggest objects like an axe, barbed wire, a rail track if you draw two lines crossing each other. If you click on the suggestion, it converts your doodle into the artist-provided shape. You can also share the result on your social networks if you like what Google AutoDraw provides. Google used designs from artists for its initial rollout and mentioned in its blog post.

In addition to that, Google’s AutoDraw accepts experiments from artists which will be featured as suggestions. Users will also be able to request objects that show up as suggestions.

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