Google and Other Search Engines to Ban Torrent Links

In response to the negative feedback from entertainment industry, Google is now planning to ban torrent sites. Now, the search engine giant is taking this stand to prevent online piracy along with others.

Reports say that Google has decided to stay away from ‘promoting’ the torrent sites. In the recent discussion chaired by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office include other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. The discussion resulted in an agreement to stop tackling the appearance of torrent sites in search platforms.

The Digital Economy Bill to impose a code of practice on search engines with the draft amendment. After a recent meeting, various companies have decided that there is no need of such a regime.

Kickass Torrents brought back to life life by Original Staffers

“Since the idea was last discussed in [parliament], Intellectual Property Office officials have chaired a further round-table meeting between search engines and representatives of the creative industries. While there are still elements of detail to be settled, the group is now agreed on the key content of the code, and I expect an agreement to be reached very soon,” Baroness Buscombe from the committee said.

Google and other Search engines will follow this Ban on torrent sites from coming June 1. However, the decision is yet to formally announce by the companies and speak on the topic. Presently, this move is restricted to the United Kingdom alone, and will be working uniformly around the world soon.

As of now, Google Search will get the popular torrent sites which include Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay. The news is a shock for torrent sites owners after the comeback of torrents followed by a short ban. The KAT crew formed together to bring the website back to life under a different domain name. The appearance of the site is Identical to its predecessor and comes with a proper DMCA takedown procedure and a clean-user database.


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