Duplass Brother

One of the earliest adopters of the Netflix platform, Duplass brothers are not going anywhere soon. Jay and Mark Duplass, who are among the most coveted filmmakers around the world, have signed an exclusive contract with Netflix for the next four movies produced by them. The deal was finalized by ICM Partners on behalf of Duplass Brothers, Inc.

The brother’s association with the online movie platform dates back to the year 2005 when they streamed their first film, ‘The Puffy Chair’. Surprisingly, this was the first feature film acquired by Netflix and streamed online on their platform.

Turns out when you make films for Netflix, millions of people all over the world watch them. This is not a terrible thing for an independent filmmaker,” the Duplass Brothers told an online media news channel.

Ian Brick, the director of Independent Films at Netflix is absolutely thrilled with this association and completely trusts in the duo brother’s capability as filmmakers. He was quoted as saying that their association has been a decade-long and extending the contract just re-instills the faith each counterpart has with one another. With the outreach of the channel and increase in the popularity of the channel in the past few years, the authorities are bound to provide quality content to keep satisfying the viewer’s taste and building stronger relationship across the world.

As per media resources, the duo has already started working on their next project directed by Alex Lehmann, which features Ray Romano and Mark Duplass in the movie. The title is not known yet, but the movie is scheduled to be released this year. The plot of the film is based on the love shared between two brothers and also majorly focuses on themes of friendship, sports, and love. The brothers have also produced Netflix’s upcoming documentary film series, “Wild Wild Country,” which was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival and will be available for the viewers worldwide from March 16.

It turns out like this association is a win-win association for all of us. Netflix, as an online streaming platform, is providing quality films worldwide. High profile filmmakers are benefiting from a long-term contract and the audiences are enjoying the movies at a nominal cost. They are free to access the media from anywhere as long they have access to their secured login credentials.


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