Steve Kerr, the coach of Golden State Warriors has made anticipations of all that may happen on Monday evening. However, the team Cleveland Cavaliers has recently lost about 8 out of 11 battles, including continuous scuffles in Toronto and Minnesota. Along with this, many things get overlapped like getting 29th ranked defense and since Nov. 22 they have not lost for a single time. All their good performances hide behind this loss.

These two groups – Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors – have an unparalleled record. According to Kerr, happening of rivalry match is good for both the teams as it gives a unique boost to every player to win the game. As per Kerr’s belief, although Cavaliers has performed much better than their earlier battles, Golden Warriors will earn 118-108 with third-ranked protection.

For 72 details, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant have got together and with the assistance of Warriors they logged 31 on 40 designed goals of the field. The eight turnovers of LeBron James, including 8 rebounds, 32 factors, and 6 assists, got devastating by all the attempts of Cavs. Kerr was not in the favor of envisioning the June rematch opportunity on the very basis of January match results. He made it clear that no one should make any prediction of what will happen in June on the basis of all that is happening now. However, it can be clearly said that another fantastic finals clash will again happen in the future.

Cavs usually play with defensive efforts and Warriors shot with offensive effort. If the teams meet in June, then Cavs have to go with strong defense to compete for the explosive offensive of Warriors. Well, it would be interesting to watch it in the future.


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