New Things to Know About Gmail iOS App Latest Updates

Good news for Gmail users on iOS. Google has come up with a major update for Gmail users on iOS app which looks beautiful and faster. Google on Monday released a new and modified version of Gmail for iOS users with several new features including the ability to unsend an email.

After four years, Google has brought new updates and additional features for Gmail on iOS. The first update to the Gmail iOS app is the “Undo Send” option. Google says that it took four years to get a major update to its email app in iOS.

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As we know, Gmail is the widely used email service across the globe and the advanced features and updates will helpful for its users. Hello, Gmail users on iOS. Why are you still waiting? If you haven’t updated that Gmail app, then upgrade it immediately. A new version of Gmail app for iOS users is waiting for you.

What’s new in Gmail for iOS Users?

The key updates for version 5.0.3 are overhauled user Interface that makes it just look like the native Android version of the App. If we talk about Gmail for iOS version 5.0.3, the main demanded feature is evoking emails sent incorrectly.

Undo send Feature

Named as Undo Send, it is just like the web version of Gmail, allows you to prevent sending or come back immediately if you type the wrong statement.

The App has been further updated with faster search with instant results and spelling mistakes suggestions.

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Swipe to Archive or Delete Option

With this option, users can quickly clean up their Gmail inboxes. The swipe to delete feature is already present in the Mail app in IOS.

Google Calendar Update

Apart from Gmail app, Google has also concentrated on Google Calendar app for iOS users. Now the app has a viewing mode for month and week. You can view your weekly schedule in a natural landscape view mode.

For better search capabilities, the new Google Calendar for iOS comes with Spotlight search support. It has mainly designed for iPhone and Ipad , it allows you to search for an event, reminders, and goals in the easiest way.


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