Gmail offers its users ultra-safety and security with respect to data. This is made possible with the all-new makeover that the brand has got. The update deals with providing the next level of data safety and ensuring that your data is secure at all times. This brand new update helps better the Gmail interactions among its users and clients.

Gmail has become an important part of technology side of life. The application is a brand, which has created its unique kingdom of stardom. Gmail is our best friend when it comes to mail transactions. Email is considered as the official and professional mode of communication and Gmail is one of such best service providers in this context. The abundantly popular tech tool has made a place in the hearts of millions and billions.

Gmail’s new update supports data authenticity and confidentiality. The data model of Gmail was redesigned such that a very effective and dynamic help option got introduced in the name of a sidebar. The update also witnessed another magical addition called confidential mode. Users can communicate critical and important information without any fear of security breaches. It is made possible by the mode as the sender can remove the options, which support forwarding, downloading, copying or printing the data.

Google proclaimed extra, extended and extensive data security by talking about the newly launched feature. This acts as a protective shield to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data. The tech giant published a blog post, which featured the brand new security-enhanced version of Gmail. “You can also make a message expire after a set period of time to help you stay in control of your information,” says the source.

The feature is not confined to desktop alone. Mobiles have also made room for it. Both iOS and Android forms are transforming themselves, according to the new update. “Confidential mode is now available on mobile devices and can help you protect sensitive information from unauthorized access,” tweeted Google.

You can use the feature to the fullest through email threads. To enable the confidential mode, you can choose from the button on the top right corner.  


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