Girl Rejected the Marriage

Delhi: Arranged Marriage tradition is going on in India for a long time. Parents select the life partner of their child and arrange the bride seeing the ceremony. If everything goes right, the bride and groom get married. However, the marriages get canceled because of disagreements on the issues of dowry, bad habits of the groom, bad family background, etc. But marriage in Uttar Pradesh Mainpuri got canceled for a hilarious reason. The bride rejected the groom as he failed in the Hindi test she conducted.

Going into the details, marriage got fixed for a girl from Mainpuri district Kurawali and a boy from Farrukhabad. They shared their educational qualifications in the bride seeing the ceremony. Girl completed 5th grade, and the groom qualified the senior secondary. To check the educational skills of them, the families conducted an examination for them.

The groom immediately got ready with a Hindi dictionary and asked the bride some questions to which the girl replied correctly. Impressed groom accepted to marry the girl. However, the problem arose in the groom’s test. The girl also took the same dictionary and conducted a dictation for the words like ‘Sampradayak,’ ‘Drishtikon,’ ‘Parisram’ etc. However, the groom also wrote his address in that and caught red-handedly. The bride saw so many grammatical mistakes in the groom’s writing and canceled the marriage. Though their families tried to convince, nothing changed, and the marriage got canceled. It seems like the examinations are not only necessary for jobs but also for marriages.


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