Apple is back into tech buzz by surprising the music lovers and artists across the planet. GarageBand welcomes its new version 10.3 after the previous update of 10.2 last summer. The new features enable the music enthusiasts to experience the real studio recording and jamming experience.

The wide range of impressive sound effects along with melodies of many new additional instruments characterizes the 10.3 update. The new set of loops offers deeper quality usage. The stunning highlight of the all-new GarageBand 10.3 is that all the music and artist lessons are available for free alluring the aspiring and leading musicians to opt for it without a second thought.

The makeover gets exclusive features. Apple has introduced additional loops, which include 1,000 electronic and urban ones. The specialty continues as GarageBand is now able to support the traits of Reggaeton, Future Bass and Chill Rap. It doesn’t stop there! 400 new sound effects are added, which include voices of animals, machines and more.

Apple has been extra cautious to ensure that all the released updates go well with the Mac operating system and iOS as well. In this way, the new version of GarageBand proves to be a stable betterment, welcoming an extended reputation for the brand.

Initially, the music lessons at GarageBand were confined only to around 20 countries. But today, users are given credentials to download all the music lessons for free. The access is expanded to cover about 120 countries of the world. Gaining fame and name, the leading artists delivering key piano and guitar lessons continue to multiply their reputation.

The 8 piano lessons and 15 guitar lessons see their audiences all over the world not just enjoying by downloading them for free but also sharing them and learning from them, which keeps this contribution of Apple rocking to the fullest.

The dreams of many self-learners, music aspirants and many art enthusiasts are taken to the verge of reality by the increments developed by experts at Apple. The 10.3 update has facilitated aspiring musicians to learn, compose, play, rock and keep the world updated about their work.    


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