Hangouts was first launched as a substitute for Gchat in the year 2013 by an IITian, but Google stopped maintaining the app afterward. Now, Hangouts is an important messaging app for Gmail and also has its own separate application on Play Store.

However, Google recently announced that its “classic” i.e. G suite users will now have to change in another form of the app i.e. Hangouts Chat and Meet, which is supposed to start in October this year.

The scenario is completely different for the two types of users that Hangouts host i.e. free users and those who pay to use these apps. The latter ones are termed ‘G Suite users’ where G stands for Google. The process is implemented in 2 phases.

In the phase, which is going to last till April 2019, the classic users will be transformed to the Hangouts Chat app. During the second phase of transition, that is from April 2019 to September 2019, Google will probably add features of the classic Hangouts like its interactivity with Gmail, connectivity with external users, fantastic video call interface, and enabling voice recognition etc. before all of them are moved to the new app.

For the non-G Suite users, it says they will be introduced to the free version of these new apps after G Suite users are completely done. Also, it clears that Hangouts is not being stopped for such users; it’s just that they will be allowed a gradual transition to the Chat and Meet app.

With the first month of 2019 coming nearly to the end, every potential business organization is rolling out its plans for the new year. Besides this Hangouts update, Google has recently bought smart technology of watches from Fossil. People believe this might be a hint to the launch of Pixel watches, soon but Google hasn’t confirmed anything about it yet.

It is too early to predict the fate of this new decision; however, if it may seem hectic to its users, they do have other chatting apps to migrate to and it might be a huge loss to the company.



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