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“So many students are graduating from the engineering colleges but lack the skills to secure a job. There are almost more than 3,300 approved engineering institutions. But sadly out of the 1.5 million students that are graduating every year, 4/5th of them are still unemployed.” Said Deepak Parekh, Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) at IIT Madras.

Recently on Thursday, Deepak Parekh Institute Chair was launched in Chennai. In that event, while speaking, he said that despite having more than 3,300 engineering institutions, the unemployment rate is still high because of the students who don’t have the skill set. He advised that to improve the situation the teacher should develop their abilities first and also to take necessary training. He quoted “Education should be a dual balance of both balance of classroom instructions as well as vocational training.”

40 Percent of Faculty Members are Vacant in IITs, Central Universities

So he said that the teachers in the engineering colleges should be more skillful to impart knowledge to the students and for that they have to take part in the training courses.

By Thursday, IIT Madras has 15 professors are named as the Institute Chairs. Out of them, 11 were sponsored by the donors. T.Pradeep from Chemistry Department is the first one to occupy the Deepak Parekh Institute chair. Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director of IIT Madras, selected the faculty who made national and international contributions.

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