The wait is over now! All the game lovers who are android users are now getting a chance to play and enjoy the very much awaited game Fortnite Mobile, which was and shall continue to rock on iOS platforms. The most popular game released its exciting update of launching the game on android and thereby, marking a full stop to those days when android users had to wait to request their friends with ios os to play the game. Right from the time, Fortnite Mobile was up on Apple, Android smart phones users were eagerly waiting to welcome the game.

As per the released update, Fortnite Mobile shall be given a special place in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, as an exclusive offer for a period of 30 days. Immediately after these 30 days, all the supported Android smart devices will have the game for all of us to enjoy. Don’t worry if you are puzzled about whether your phone would support Fortnite Mobile or not, keep reading further to unravel the mysteries about the famous game availability on Android.

There are 40 such devices on list: Android phones like Huawei, LG, Samsung, Google Pixel models and many more will give the Android users, the privilege to play Fortnite Mobile. When it is said that the game will be launched on supporting devices, it only means that these smart devices are capable enough to shelter the game and provide a platform for it to entertain the game lovers.

The other android phones are not there in the list only because the game would further get upgraded and then these devices shall be all the way fine to make way for the game to set in action. In terms of specifications, devices which have a CPU with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, RAM of 3 GB capacity, MediaTek MT6737, Adreno 505, Mali-T720 for the GPU, would be sufficient to run Fortnite Mobile.

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