NFL Players Association and NFL on Monday jointly launched a formal investigation of the injury suffered by Cam Newton and its handling by Carolina Panthers. Cam had suffered an injury during NFC first round playoff game that took place on Sunday in New Orleans.

If both the union and league agree that the team violated the concussion protocol of NFL, then the Panthers are likely to receive discipline from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

This is the third incident that is taking place this season where a formal investigation has been carried out by the union and the league to check whether their policy according to the agreement formulated in 2016 is being followed or not. However, these two organizations informally review every evaluation of concussion that takes place.

During an evaluation of quarterback Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks had been fined for a sum of 100,000 dollars for violating the protocols pertaining to concussion. But, during the concussion of quarterback, Tom Savage, the Houston Texans had not received any punishment for handling of the injury. Both NFLA and NFL had concluded that the evaluation outcome of Savage was not acceptable in any manner.

After the investigation pertaining to the Savage case was completed, the union and league announced several changes that have been made to the procedures for dealing and identifying concussions. One of these modifications was implemented on Sunday in the case of Cam Newton. According to the change, any player who stumbles or falls down after suffering from potential head injury has to be immediately taken to the locker room where a concussion evaluation would take place. As per the modified rules, the sideline evaluation will not be sufficient.


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