NFL Thursday night Football

Twitter Streaming NFL can make you sick

Want to watch Thursday Night National Football League live on Twitter, and at the same time tweets from friends and fans. Twitter snagged the right to stream NFL this week.

This might be a big deal to Twitter company executives, that NFL (National Football League) is coming to Twitter.

Twitter reportedly beat the likes of Verizon, FB, and Amazon to secure the digital rights to the games, Noted by weird earlier this month, which astonishingly given that Twitter doesn’t have a built-in video streaming infrastructure.

Twitter chief financial officer Antony Noto said on company’s concurrent quarterly earnings that ‘we know that on Thursday night during the three-hour telecast of Thursday Night Football, we have millions of users looking for tweets about that game.’

‘Being able to bring the live stream game into the product with that live conversation is a complete solution,’ he added. All Football fans need “Live Game alongside with Live Commentary.” He stated that both signed into Twitter and who aren’t would be able to see the live watch and its ads.

Twitter confirm the information about local affiliate ad spot to sell, which make up roughly 2-3 minutes of advertisement per hour.

Yahoo paid $20 million to stream a single regular season game last year, whereas Twitter appears to be getting a bargain, reportedly paying less than $10 million for 10 games.

Week 2, Sept. 15: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Week 3, Sept. 22: Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Week 5, Oct. 6: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Week 6, Oct. 13: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Week 7, Oct. 20: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Week 11, Nov. 17: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

Week 13, Dec. 1: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

Week 14, Dec. 8: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 15, Dec. 15: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Week 16, Dec. 22: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

The question arises here that how Twitter will live stream the Thursday Night Football (and does the NFL fans watch it on Twitter). The executives seem to be hopeful on live streaming events the platform can use to prove its value to the billions of people worldwide who seem to have no use of it. Besides to live streaming, Twitter plans for periscope live streaming before and after the game.

“As soon as we announced that deal, almost every league in the world contacted us because they want to provide an even better experience for their fans,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey added during the call.

It is clear that Football is the king in U.S, but this live streaming is either the beginning for Twitter or the execs hope. Twitter CEO promised that if everything goes well according to the plan, then we will convert Football fans into regular users.

Twitter told that it was just a new strategy to draw attention to its users and plans for other live sporting events, as well as live news, politics, and entertainment. Twitter said, “Working with other partners might bring these kinds of collective experiences to live on Twitter.” Here is NFL’s Official press note

Twitter CEO says ‘almost every sports league in the world contacted us’ after inking NFL deal


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