Nearly two days back, the Chairman of TRAI, Ram Sewak Sharma took to Twitter to throw a challenge where he revealed his Aadhaar card number and asked if anybody has the courage to take out his personal details. Soon after the incident, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) responded to Ram Sewak’s action with a warning. The UIDAI warned people to not share their Aadhaar card details on any social media platforms and also not to challenge others to do so. UIDAI told people to refrain from doing activities that are not viable according to the law.

Ram Sewak Sharma revealed his Aadhaar card number on Twitter as a return challenge for people to prove him that they can cause harm to him after a Twitter user asked him to share his Aadhaar details to prove the efficiency of the 13ft wall secured system. As soon as Ram Sewak Sharma revealed his Aadhaar card number, people went crazy on twitter to prove him wrong.

In response to Ram Sewak Sharma’s Challenge, a Twitter user used the Aadhaar number shared by the TRAI chairman to find out his bank account details. The Twitter user not only shared Ram Sewak Sharma’s bank account details, he also deposited INR 1 in the bank account of TRAI Chairman and shared the screenshots. The user could get access to the bank account details through Aadhaar-Enabled payment services provided by UIDAI. However TRAI Chief refuted all the claims of the Twitter user.

After this incident, UIDAI took Twitter to issue a series of warnings regarding sharing of Aadhaar card details which is not recommended. UIDAI said in the tweet that Aadhaar card is a sensitive information like any other important personal detail like passport number, PAN number, and bank account numbers which should not be shared anywhere unless it is legitimate and needed to establish one’s identity.

UIDAI also warned people to not use others Aadhaar card number to perform any authentication processes. It also warned that people who are found practicing such actions will be considered as impersonators and it is a criminal offense according to the Aadhaar Act and Indian Penal court. After the incident, people are expressing their anger towards UIDAI’s tweets for introducing a card that is not safeguarding their details.


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