flipkart everyday essential store

Indian E-commerce giant Flipkart launches Every Day Essential Store. In this store, they are providing all household items at one place. This category is available only on November 1st and 2nd 2016. It has introduced for customers convenience.

The online commerce company founded in 2007. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are key people of this company. It is one of the top companies in India. Many people in the country are showing interest towards to purchase in the Flipkart. As a step forward this company has launched this store.

They are many categories like hair care, skincare, body and bath, beauty and makeup, grooming essentials, perfumes and deodorants, food and nutrition, baby-care,housekeeping and laundry, pooja essentials, pet essentials, winter essentials, etc. which is needed in our daily life.

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All top brands and products are available in this store. Discounts are also available according to the products. These products will get from trusted sellers, and it is delivered at the right time at your door step.

We all need many household items in our regular daily life. Generally, every item is available at each shop. It is not possible for us to visit all shops and chose our favorite product within our range. So to comfort us online shipping has come nearer to us. With one click you can get your favorite item to your home.

Already Flipkart has a huge user-base across India and is very famous with its mobile app ,by that users can do shipping from their mobiles. To makes your shopping easier they have introduced this Every Day Essential Store. All items are available at one place, no need to search various categories.

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But it is available on November 1st to 2nd only. Later on, this category will be removed from the desktop and mobile apps. Last month Amazon introduced Amazon Pantry grocery delivery service.


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