Firefox has now announced to block all the ad trackers that brands used to target the customers using the data. With the new policy amendments, Mozilla will let the users have complete control over the information they want to share with the websites.

Previously, brands used the user data to target the audience for their advertisements through various tracks that used to cause inconvenience to the users. But, with the latest policy, Mozilla wants its users to have complete control over their privacy and the performance of the tool.

As per the latest news, users will not have to worry about the annoying advertisements as all the tracking codes from the 3rd party websites will be blocked automatically. The users will not have to follow any additional step to block the ads from now. The feature is now being tested for its efficiency to block the tracking codes. It may not block all the ads but will not display the ads with tracking codes, which make the page load slower.

The feature was previously available in the “private browsing” section of the app where the browser would block the ads with tracking ID. The app blocks the ads in three stages. These three features ensure high privacy and performance. The three features include blocking of the trackers, which decrease the loading speed of the page, the trackers that follow the users from one site to another using cookies and other leads, and the brackets that target users based on the features of their mobile phones.

There are many plugins like privacy badger and disconnect that were used to do the job of blocking all the ad trackers used by the brands. But, as per the records, many users were not aware of the plugins and had not installed them while browsing. The new feature can be enjoyed by all the users without any further hassle.

Firefox and other ads had previously blocked the ads that used to pop-up by opening a new window. But a new type of pop up ads is doing rounds on the web pages that are to be blocked. The next target of Firefox will be these modal pop-up ads that are decreasing the performance of the tool.


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