Getting irritated due to unnecessary automatic media playing? Firefox has some good news for you. Like many other browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox will also now mute all the audio sounds that play automatically when you visit a website.

Autoplaying of an audio or video is the worst, intolerable feature on the internet because it distracts you from your work. It probably makes you look everywhere around to find out the source of the sound. Well, Mozilla has finally understood the inconvenience and therefore, has opted to mute all of the noise.

This feature means the audio will be played while muted, i.e it is not stopped from playing automatically. This basically implies that your bandwidth will be still used up, but we believe it will be better than the disturbing audios. The video or audio will not produce sound unless allowed to do so by the user. The user can manually click on the media to start playing.

However, there is an exception. The sites for which user has already granted permission for camera and microphone will continue to play audible content automatically.

Firefox recent update Firefox 65 was taken back after receiving complaints from the users regarding the antivirus issue. People were always shown this error ‘Connection is not secure.’ The issue was the same but the number of websites that went down was different for different users. Users who downloaded the Firefox 65 faced issues in accessing certain sites. The solution for this is that they can manually disable the setting for HTTPS scanning of their antivirus software.

The new feature will be added into the new version Firefox 66. Chris Pearce, Mozilla engineer also confirmed that you can revert this setting for particular sites according to your needs. Whenever a site blocks any video or audio, a pop up will occur on the URL bar which will display an icon. You can click on this button to reset the settings for that specific site.

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, this is definitely good news. Now, you can experience even more smooth surfing and navigation across websites. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates!


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