maneka gandhi on father's name

Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women and Child Development has written to the Human Resources and Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar, not to make it mandatory to mention the Father name of the student in Degree certificate.

Based on the reports, the letter pointed the marriage breakdowns and spouse separation realities and urged the officials to reflect this.

Duplicate Degree Certificates will be no more

So many women approached her stating to change the degree certificates of their children as the father name got changed and the father’s name should be modified or removed. So Maneka wrote a letter to Javedkar not to mention the father’s name in the degree certificates at all.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also implemented a new rule similar to this which states that it is not necessary for a married woman to change her surname in the passport after marriage.

No Need for Women to Change Surnames in the Passport After Marriage: Modi

Even though the woman is married or divorced, the woman can keep her father’s name in the passport. As the divorces these days are increasing and it is becoming hard to change the names in each and every certificate, the government seems to make this easier by implementing these new rules.

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