Post Claiming they have Evaded the Tax Rules

Have you received a letter sent from the Income Tax Department by post stating that you should meet an official by 15th of May regarding the inquiry of your cash deposit during the demonetization period? Don’t get scared; it’s just a spam mail. A conman is trying to perform a fraud act with this letter by copying the Income Tax Department logo.

Recently, a chartered accountant found out this was a scam when one of his clients received a post with the subject: inquiry of tax evasion by you with RBI. The mail masqueraded that the IT Department itself sent it. Also, do not call the number provided in the post. Tax Department officials are stating that this is a con act well tried by an anonymous person.

Income Tax Returns E-Filing Facility Started 

The letter says it was sent from ITDD and also has a revenue stamp on it. The revenue stamp itself made the fraud to get caught. Because IT department won’t put the revenue stamps on any notice. The revenue stamps if used comes with a receipt by the government. The email id is a fake one too as all the email ids in the IT department ends with Though the language in it is very official, it is not IT language as it never uses the term evade. And also the letter claims that the victim has done the action in 2015-16 whereas the demonetization occurred in 2016-17. The mobile number also doesn’t belong to any IT Official.

An official from the Income Tax Department, regarding this issue told that the main idea behind the post is to make the victim call up the number he provided in the mail. Once the victim calls him, he might arrange a personal meeting so that you visit where the fraud will make the belief that they have evaded the tax rules and committed a big fraud which will make the victim to make a deal with the fraud by giving him money illegally.


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