Fahrenheit 451 trailer

The first glimpse of a film based on Fahrenheit 451 is out, which is an extremely admiring and felicitated 1953 dystopian tale of Ray Bradbury. The trailer is out. HBO recently showcased the first glimpse of this best selling tale, which is based on the time period when history was interdict.

The film starring Michael B. Jordan, who will play the role as Guy Montag has been directed by Ramin Bahrani. Guy Montag has played the role of a fireman who finds himself lost in enforcing the censorship laws of the state, and those efforts find himself standing at odds with Michael Shannon, who has played the role as Beatty, the mentor of Guy Montag. He has lots of doubts regarding the profession and regarding the present government too, which has titled the books as inherently dangerous.

The whole trailer is completely appealing. In the trailer, the viewers can see a reel of destruction. The voice of Beatty that warns again and again that a little knowledge can be fatal and prove as dangerous. Beatty explained that no one is born equal, but equalling can be done by fire and everyone must be made equal by using it.

Martin Donovan, Jane Moffat, Sofia Boutella, Keir Dullea, and Grace Lynn Kung have got a key role in the film. Jordan has played one more role and that is the executive producer of the film. In May, Fahrenheit 451 will be premiered on HBO. Although a specific release date of the movie has not been announced, the craze for this amazing tale is at its peak. The film is all set to get released in May. This new flick will be direct, forceful, angry and politically charged just as the original book.


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