facebook face recognition

Facebook has decided to enhance its existing facial recognition technology to find people in photos. With the help of this improvement, users will get a notification for pictures that have them even if they are not tagged in it. This new feature will help the users to either choose to tag themselves in the picture, remain untagged or report the photo if they think that it is inappropriate in any way. This additional characteristic is also applicable to profile photos, but it will not come into effect in EU and Canada because of their data laws’ restriction on the use of facial recognition.

Facebook said that this new tool will help all users to control their pictures and images online. The head of Privacy at Facebook, Rob Sherman shared this statement with the media and said that they had been thinking of incorporating this feature in the privacy settings for a long time now. Earlier, if any other user posted a photo of you, then you might have not learnt without it. But now, the users will be able to access the photo and communicate with the person who posted it.

Sherman also stated that this feature could prompt nostalgia and alert people by reminding them about the pictures that they have completely forgotten about. This is going to increase the engagement of people with the site and thus the time spent on Facebook by every individual will increase by some extent. He said that the introduction of this new technology is similar to an old experiment.

Some, on the contrary, have reservations that this facial technology recognition could be used as a means of harassment. When this prospect of issue was discussed with Facebook, the team said that this sort of harassment will not be possible because people, who have the permission to directly message you, will be able to upload your photo. In case the photo is obscene and you think that it can harass you, then you can always report it to the Facebook team.