facebook news feed changes

Social media has become a more significant platform to advertise the business and give a considerable boost to sales. Especially Facebook has proven as a good platform to hike it up. But, this social media giant has taken a decision that may hard hit a businessman. Recently, Facebook decided to focus more on the news feed on friends’ posts with less focus on the posts being posted by publishers and brands. This decision has raised bombastic sensations among businessmen.

Facebook user numbers, which have crossed the figures of 2.07 billion, have become the perfect target point for media companies, businesses, and brands. Facebook has announced that businessmen may witness a decrease in traffic and total views on their business videos from now. People will see generous interactions to be more when compared to business deals.

Well, this decision has started showing its aftermaths now. On Friday, the shares dipped down by 4% approx. It directly showcased that it has not only impacted brands, but Facebook too. Well, businessmen are not sure about the impact they will face after it. The focal point of raising the business base of maximum publishers is videos that they usually post on Facebook wall.

The head of Facebook news feed, Adan Mosseri said that those pages, which don’t get public engagements in spite of regular postings, will face more alterations. Every year, Zuckerberg carries a valuable surprise for Facebook users. This time, his agenda is to fix all the bugs of Facebook. From few years, the Facebook team has been working to provide reliable and relevant content to visitors. But this time, their focus has been shifted to providing a platform that augments meaningful interactions with relatives and friends. Well, the impact on businesses and Facebook too will get visualized shortly.


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