Recently, Apple raised implications on Facebook saying that the social networking giant is violating certain rules. The new product dealing with Virtual Private Network from Facebook is called Data-Harvesting Onavo VPN. It successfully grabbed its place in App Store. So, what is the cold fight all about? Read on!

Facebook and Apple stand as the two king brands of technology and the same makes it very interesting for us to know about what is happening between them as Apple imposed contradicting and controversial statement on Facebook’s Data-Harvesting Onavo. The statement says that Facebook has violated few of the rules. As a consequence of the same, Facebook pulls down the new addition, which was made to the App Store.

Wall Street Journal, one of the trusted tech sources reported that Apple forced Facebook to remove its new product from its App Store. The product was propounded to be a service typically dedicated for privacy and security. Using the concept of Virtual Private Network, Facebook’s product attempts to enhance privacy. But, Apple said that it is purely a spyware, which deals with harvesting data.

“Facebook has yanked its vampiric Onavo Protect service—which purports to be a privacy-enhancing Virtual Private Network (VPN) but is by all indications data-harvesting Facebook spyware,” said Apple’s App Store.

Let us get a deeper insight into the issue. Generally, Virtual Private Network (VPN) functions using encryption methods. The users’ traffic is safely encrypted and it is then channelized through a server, which is private in nature. This private server is a trusted one and the system has to essentially ensure that the server cannot be accessed by any intruder or third party concerns. Good VPNs are those that do not spy and Apple says that Facebook’s VPN is a spyware.


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