Facebook has become the most visited social media platform as millions of users use it to share about their daily work, get amazing deals and to stay in touch with friends. Now to amaze the Facebook fans, a new device will feature home video chat complementing with an amazing range of microphones and 15 inch screen.

This update has been shared by Cheddar, a well-known financial news site, though sources are unknown. This device will be named as ‘Portal’. It will astound the fans with great features like a wide angle camera, which will even recognize the faces in video individually.

Amazon has already appealed to its customers with Echo Show, which uses voice commands. But, Facebook’s Portal will also recognize all the faces that have an account on Facebook. Portal will provide a heap of latest apps too, such as Spotify and Netflix. These features will satisfy the needs of users. This will cost approximately, $499, which is quite high when compared to Amazon Echo Show that costs just $299 with almost the same features.

It is expected that ‘Portal’ will be introduced to the public at large by this May. This will be announced at ‘Annual Developer Conference’. Being the first step of the most prevalent social networking platform in the world of hardware, it is estimated by the makers that in 2018 second half, sales will definitely get a good start.

Well, the competition among smart displays complementing with speakers featuring voice activation is already on the peak. Many market giants have already set their strong base and launched lots of unequaled features, which have made their customer base stronger. Amazon, Google, Apple, and other renowned companies are already one step ahead of Facebook. It will be interesting to watch how customers will respond to ‘Portal’.


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