Facebook is currently working on a new app LOL, which will enable users to scroll through funny video clips, memes etc. It seeks to collect the funniest news from various top meme pages on Facebook and integrate them at one place for users who want to have a funny, light experience on their mood.

The app is basically a meme base for kids who love being in the meme sphere. It is still doubtful as to how it is going to attract more and more of them because they mostly have started switching more to other apps like Snapchat and Instagram for passing time.

Facebook allows you to filter meme news according to your mood like “Classics”, ”School”, “Savage”, “Standup” etc. It will also the users to upload their own videos or clips by uploading the URL.

Below each piece of content that is there, a set of reaction buttons like ‘Funny’, ‘Not Funny’ and ’Ok’ are present to know how you react to them.

Instagram is already seen as the top-rated app for getting a full flow of jokes as they follow their favorite meme pages to get their daily dose. Facebook can try introducing tools for creating memes or adding another story. Some techniques have to be applied in order to attract and convince teens to use the new invention.

Facebook LOL is now being tested in Beta with 100 high school students working on it in the U.S. having consent from their parents.

LOL is an intentional effort to attract more young people to the platform and offer them lots of laughter and fun time so that they do not feel like switching to some other source of entertainment.

We are waiting eagerly for the feature to roll out, though it is still not confirmed whether it will be a new feature within Facebook or a new application altogether. Teens are going to really have actual fun and they are going to enjoy their time spent on it far from the daily stress and tension.

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